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Our incentive
The demands of our customers are high – but higher still are our quality standards. TTS Transport & Terminal Services AG bases its performance on a comprehensive quality management system for logistics. We see it as an important tool to optimize processes in line with customer requirements and to continually improve our performance. Moreover, we have implemented the latest IT standards; we are certified according to ISO systems such as the quality management standards DIN EN ISO 9001.

Safety and security are decisive criteria for smooth supply chain management. They relate to the safety of the workplace and the safety and security of the transport as well as to data and information security. With a comprehensive catalogue of safety and security measures we guarantee that your goods are perfectly secured and reach their destination complete, undamaged and unspoiled. To us, planning safe and secure transport routes and checking the necessary security measures is self-evident standard procedure – all for the purpose of logistics security. We cooperate with high-security data centers, as the interface between data exchange and the actual transport needs to be based on smooth and secure IT processes.